5 Places to Grab a Quick, Cheap & Healthy Dinner in Utrecht

Dimmitri Petit - Box Giros - Utrecht

Tired after work and don’t want to cook? Here are a few places you can stop by after work and have a healthy dinner for a reasonable price.

1. Salsa Shop

Very yummy, right in the centre, affordable and you can get beers to go with your burrito or tacos. I personally prefer tacos, the filling is the same but they are much easier to eat than burritos.

Salsa Shop - Burrito - Utrecht

2. Dimitri Petit

Beautiful scenery (you literally sit under the Dom Tower), delicious, filling and comes with Greek beers. Go for a giro box, it has a pita with loads of giros, greek salad and generous scoop of tzatziki.

Dimmitri Petit - Box Giros - Utrecht

3. Urban Salad

Right at the station (which is very convenient if you’re extremely hungry when travelling back home from work by train). They have different salads which come in a form of a bowl or a in a wrap (I like the wrap better). My favourite is a Caesar wrap. You can ask them to replace certain ingredients with the ones you like better, e.g. I ask them to replace croutons with cherry tomatoes. They also have soups which are quite filling.

Urban-salad - Wrap - Utrecht

4. La Ciabatta

Finger-licking good italian ‘fast-food’ on Mariaplaats. You can get your lasagna, pasta, pizzas and broodjes here. They prepare erythings on the same day, so it’s fresh, and warm it up in the own. You can eat inside or on a patio outside. I’ve also seen people get drinks at a bar next door and have pizzas brought to them straight to the bar. I suppose you just need to ask really nicely 🙂

La Chiabatta - Lasagna - Utrecht

5. Kimmade

Gorgeous Vietnamese food. The place is always packed, but people rotate fairly regularly. So don’t get demotivated when you arrive and see all the tables taken. Chances are, you will probably be able to get one pretty soon. They have soups, pancake rolls and several mains. All in all, a healthy dinner.

Kimmade - Pho - Utrecht

Looking for more places to eat at? Have a look at our locations on a map.

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