The best Burrito in Utrecht

Over the last year Utrecht has welcomed quite a few Tex-Mex restaurants and take-aways. We’ve reviewed them and will show you where to get the best burrito in town!


Ritos, right next to Neude offers an interesting menu, combining sushi with burritos to make their own “Sushiburrito”. They offer normal burritos as well and even though it’s not their specialty they sure are tasty! I’ve tested one with minced beef and one with Barbacoa beef both topped with the red hot salsa. The burritos were very well filed, with a good beef/fillings balance. Chipotle bottles are available on all tables as well, in case you want some extra spiciness.

Salsa shop

Located in the new Hoog-Caterijne foodcourt, next to the fountain, Salsa shop reminds me of a lunchroom. You pick between a burrito or 3 tacos, pick what kind of meat you’d like and then simply slide past all the ingredients adding the ones you want. Because of this concept you get to eat your burrito within a minute. Very convenient when you’re in a rush. I usually end up having the beef option with green salsa and crème fraîche, which isn’t big enough to last me for dinner but makes up for it in the salsa.

Salsa Shop - Burrito - Utrecht

Taco Mundo

While I haven’t visited their shop I have ordered from them through thuisbezorgd a few times. And to be honest, I’ve really given them a chance in this review but every time I ended up disappointed. The burritos always where slathered in a very typical sauce, that reminded me more of a pasta sauce then something you’d find a in Mexican kitchen. If you have the opportunity to satisfy your burrito craving somewhere else I would recommend that option.

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