7 Breakfast Places at Utrecht Station

La Place Breakfast Utrecht Station

To our shame, Arjan and I practically never have breakfast at home during the week. We are the kind of people that would rather stay in bed for another 15-20 minutes than make a breakfast. We both work in Amsterdam, so we kind of got accustomed to getting breakfast at Utrecht Station on our way to work.

By now, I can safely say that we have tried all the breakfast places at the station. I thought I would share our insights with you guys, so that you know which places are worth visiting in case you are also travelling to work and want to grab a quick bite at the station. So here is our review.

Budget Breakfasts

1. La Place

Our favorite breakfast at the station by far is a special deal for 3.25 euro (!!) by La Place. For that money you get half a broodje, a croissant and a cup of a hot drink, how awesome is that? You usually get to pick from 4 to 5 different broodjes, so you have some choice there, and all of these broodjes are very yummy. Just keep in mind, this deal is only available during the weekdays.

2. Albert Heijn to go

Albert Heijn to go definitely beats everyone in terms of variety – sandwiches, broodjes (the fresh ones usually get sold really fast), all sorts of pastries, yogurts, fruits… you name it. And they keep coming up with new things all the time. I wouldn’t say they are the tastiest at the station but they are definitely pretty reasonable in price and fast, as they are the only guys at the station with self-serving machines.

3. Hema

Hema is more of an emergency stop at the station in case hmmm… pretty much anything happens to you – they have bike parts and tools, makeup, stationary, clothes, food etc. But they also happen to have a few nice options for breakfast. They have very yummy hot dogs which come with special mustard sauce. Moreover they offer fresh broodjes and juices, which are both cheap and large in size.

Hema Utrecht Station

4. Kiosk

Kiosk, by far, serves coffee the fastest than any other place at the station – they have that many people coming in for coffees in the mornings, they just keep pouring them regardless of orders and have them ready for you 10 seconds after you placed your order. As far as food goes, they offer saucijzenbroodje (sausage rolls) and chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven and, from time to time, they have special offers such as croissants and appelflaps (apple turnover) for 1 euro.


Pricy Breakfasts

5. De Broodzaak

De Broodzaak, as evident from their name, specializes in “brood” (bread) stuff. They offer various tasty broodjes & sandwiches and have quite a few healthy options – vegetarian, gluten free & with spelt bread. In terms of drinks, you can get coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, as well as all the other soft drinks. However this place is noticeably more expensive…

6. Enoki

Enoki is definitely not the 1st attempt of NS to introduce an asian stall at the station but it seems to be first one that’s doing well. In the mornings they have broodjes with an asian twist and yogurts. Arjan’s favourite is beef teriyaki broodje. This place also has a nice variety of soups – might not be your 1st choice of food for breakfast but great for hangovers in the morning 😀

Edit: As of January 2018 Enoki on Utrecht CS has been closed.


7. Julia’s

Julia’s is an italian place. They are mostly known for their pastas to-go. However, these guys also know how to make a tuna sandwich, it’s got capers and rucola inside so it’s pretty yummy, best I’ve tried at the station. Just make sure to get the soft bread one not the shibata kind (really hard to shew). Coffee is served really slowly – so if you are running for a train, I wouldn’t recommend to get it there.

Extra! Abels Deli

Abels Deli joined the offerings on Utrecht station about year ago, serving on of the best Coffee’s available, be sure to check it out!

Looking for more places to eat at? Have a look at our locations on a map.

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